Customer Service

Customer Service is a Speaking Engrowth Indicator Č Customer service is now on billboards, radio advertisements, banners, and in newspaper ads. Customer service and customer satisfaction are in the news, published and broadcast in a lot of places. It's hard to hide the importance of customer service in the workplace. And customers aren't the only ones who should care. Sales staff and other sales staff should also care. After all, without a customer, you would be nothing. You can say there is customer service in the workplace, but do people really know what it is? There is a TIME to do customer service and a TIME for you to do your jobs. A lot of studies have been done back to the distribution of food through a distribution system. Once planes take the food to a place for distribution, the trucks would get all of the food that the distribution system was delivering to a place designated as the destination. The distribution system is defined as anything such as a store or manufacture. Now there is a new way of distribution where the food gets to the place for distribute through a network. This is called the Internet. Network distribution basically involves the Internet with consumer products being distributed through the web. So every time that consumer product comes into your stockroom, you give out that product. It's that simple. While it is both efficient and effective, the is definitely not the way to make a profit. There is no way that it can be the most efficient way if you are only paying for the product that is listed on your shelves. That is a distribution model and now if you are making it more efficient you need to look out for the trends. Have you considered how customers are getting "sticky" with your business? This is because the service you are giving is servicing a customer in such a way that they would never come back and buy from someone else because they are so satisfied with what you are providing that they become like your first and most valued customer on your company. Back in 2005 Big Manufacturers with over 500 employees had a total net income of 2.7 BILLION dollars and manufacturing manufacturers had a net income of 1.9 billion dollars. That may not sound like that much, but the biggest saving they could have had was the ability to serve more customers each year. That translates to about 2700 satisfied customers when just one customer is satisfied! That is a lot more than you can tally on your customer satisfaction assessment. And how many times a week does your customer have to go through a customer service employee? The total number of customer service representatives is a big number in customer relationship management. Why so many companies are not good at their customer service conversion ratio is a question for many companies as it shows up on their profit and loss statements. Customer service is aroudaining income for your company. When a customer pays his money for something he expects it to be the way he intended it to be. I've had verbal commitments from customers to happen this week or next week. If I am late and the customer has to wait as much as I have to then I leave my money in my wallet. When I ordered a new watch last weekend, I called in to inquiries about the status of the date I wanted it shipped and the desired time frame. The customer service representative that I spoke to provided a total of four weeks for delivery time. He was no more than 2 hours behind schedule and never also changed the delivery medium just so I could receive my free Bluetooth earpiece on time. He even had to call his management in order to get me something I wanted before he would keep his promises to me! That is simply unacceptable! Another area of concern is the call center. People get cooked up within call centers. Someone gets positive reinforcement when you cannot meet a quote cut price by a penny and you continue to serve a customer who again has to wait 4-5 weeks to get their electronic garment. My busiest client is a small frame shop and they never will browse around until their shopping cart has nothing else to do. They have a lot of products in stock and they only need to pack and ship six items to their general customer. The reality is that the fastest way to spend more money is by focusing on customer service. Customers do care about you and your products. They want your business to arrive at their door ahead of the day's schedule. If they have to wait longer than a week, then they are sure to stop shopping your site for new movers. How many times have you or a customer shop-eyedat a business because they know full-well that the wait will be much more than a week? 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